Lifes Ever Changing Seasons…

The last several weeks we have been so busy. Non stop seven days a week!

An emotional goodbye to our family home, moving into our travel trailer and trying to make progress on the house build. I’m just wore out thinking about all we have been doing and all still to do.

As I finished packing up the family room, I admired our old fireplace. Then the tears started rolling! So many wonderful memories in front of this fireplace.

Our grown childrens first day of school pictures all those years. Our grandson the same through preschool and kindergarten. Relaxing by the fire with a good book and of course coffee ☕️! Remembering the two weeks spent cramped in our house with a ton of family staying over while the power was out from the ice storm. Everyone definitely enjoyed the fireplace all those days.

I won’t remember my fireplace bare and not glowing but i will remember it warm and inviting…

Now my favorite tree, japanese maple was so small when we moved in. I truly wished we would of been able to take it with us. But it is there for another family to enjoy. Ever changing beautiful leaves through the seasons.

I will always remember the day my husband poured the concrete for our driveway. Our kids placed their little hands to leave their print.

Too large to take with us so it will be a forever photo in our new home. I’ve decided to make small stepping stones with grandbabies prints from now on 🙂

137 Red Oak Drive will always hold a special place in my heart!

A beautiful pond will be my view for the next couple months

I enjoy sipping my coffee watching the thunderstorms roll in out in the country.

Our Summer adventure of full time rv living is our new thing! At least for a little while.

Please excuse the mess, but Cameron is busy making memories #rvlife

At one point this is where we were going to build the new house. But life is always changing and nothing is for certain. So we will continue to be city slickers i guess lol…

In a few months we will be returning to my small hometown. And for that I am grateful and super excited!

And we have doors and windows on the house finally! Yay!!!!

I have been going room to room writing scriptures on the walls. My favorite part so far, knowing that under my sheetrock at the front door is my prayer asking that all those who enter and exit be Blessed… not my idea, found it on Pinterest and might I add it was a brilliant idea. I just love it!

Also a couple days ago we celebrated my Grandpa Normans 93rd Birthday 🎁 We got a 5 Generations photo!!!!

What a special afternoon it was ❤️

I am grateful for where we have lived, where we are now and where we will live…

I am enjoying life, especially now that everything is packed and stored away!!!

When I have an extra moment I will be enjoying what I like to call my new front porch…

4th of July…

Every year we go out to Jasons brothers house ( except for the rare occasion he has worked out of town on the fourth ) for fourth of july bbq and the guys blow stuff up!

The blowing of stuff up has flowed down to our sons! This year our nephew Franky and his friends had a go with a 55 gallon barrel. Let’s just say it hit the air! I personally get the b jeezus scared outa me every time. But its something the Summers guys do!

Another thing the Summers enjoy is food! We all love good food. Joey on the grill is a must. And his potatoes… yum!

Jason and I, Londa and Joey…

Family is everything to me, and having my grandkids around me all the time means the world to me. Our granddaughter Kenleigh’s first 4th of July. No tears, she just relaxed and watched the fireworks!

Our Cameron started off enjoying the fireworks but quickly got bored with them and off to play 😂

Two of our three kids were with us this holiday. We miss our oldest daughter Kirsten and pray she will be back with us enjoying the family holidays one day.

Kelsie and Justin ( Kenleigh’s parents ) Kels is our youngest daughter. Spoiled and full of life. Never a dull moment with her…

Our oldest son Cameron and his fiancé Gracie ( our little Camerons dad ) enjoyed the evening shooting off fireworks! Cameron the family comedian 😂

Surrounded by family and friends this fourth was just the medicine i needed! So much going on these days, smiles and laughter always does the trick.

Great Grandma June enjoyed Kenleigh’s snuggles for the big fireworks display.

Mothers and Daughters! Our girls wanted a photo together, Kalli, Kelsie and Vanessa. So of course we had to do one too!

Shelly, Myself and Londa! I enjoy my time with these two ladies. And need to get together more often with them. Friends are a Blessing.

It was a great night! Jason and I love being with family. And the fireworks were beautiful. Thankful for time well spent with ones we love…

Happy 4th of July 🎇

Hiatus & Happy Beginnings

My Nieces Blog! She is a Beautiful Soul. Her journey is worth a million reads!

Bringing Up Baby

Where have I been?

The short answer is…taking a break. Truth be told, after our IVF Fail I really didn’t know what words to put out into the world. Even if they were just for me. I decided to ghost the blog and the YouTube channel for a bit because they were just outlets for me and I really didn’t need them at the time, I needed my husband and God and Time.

However, that’s what happens isn’t it? God closes doors only to open others. I didn’t know what my reaction to our IVF results would be like but I actually held it together really well, and that kind of (for lack of a better word) weirded me out a bit. But a couple of weeks later my husband and I decided that we needed a break from the world of trying to conceive and decided a one year…

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6… Already!

June 24th has came and gone again… Cameron is now a 6 year old. Where has the time gone?

Seems just like yesterday I was in the delivery room waiting on our first grandchild to be born. What a special night it was. And he has Blessed his Papa and I with joy and laughter each day since.

A change of plans directed us from a birthday at the river to opening gifts at home with our children and both grandchildren.

Then a last minute decision to go to Chuck E Cheese’s! That turned out better than we thought 😂 Not only did Cameron have a blast but we all did!

We all enjoyed the photo booth as well… Now I wish I would of snapped photos of everyone’s photo booth pictures.

Little Miss Kenleigh enjoyed it also! Cameron loves his baby cousin so much.

After the pizza and fun we went into the mall where Cameron got a cookie and icee! Yep no birthday cake for this boy! He doesn’t like cake, not even the icing on the big cookies. So he picked just the right one, lol.

We ended the day going out to my Mommas and Papas Mommas ( as what he calls them ) for a visit. He loves all his great grandparents so much ❤️

On the way home he told Papa and I he had an Awesome Birthday 🎉 and his smiles and grateful heart is what we love most about our adventurous 6 year old.

Love Him… Encourage Him…

He is the pillar of our family, my rock. He has a huge loving caring heart for all that know him. He is funny, kind, loving, brutally honest and there whenever you need him!

He has good days and also has bad days! He deserves the world in my eyes and in my eyes he is the world.

The day we said ” I do ” we became one. The happiest of our days have followed us all these years. We share our struggles and build each other up!

I am so very proud of the man you were, the man you are and the man you will become!

Thank you for being you and all that you do for our family.

We Love you Jason

Forever & Always ❤️

Beautiful Days make me Smile…

Today is one of those days! You know, when you just feel like smiling and you are surrounded with happiness & love. After 18 years my husband still makes my heart flutter. Just by simply smiling at me. When my grandson gives me a hug or our new granddaughter giggles at me. I love being a wife, mom and especially a grandma!

I have been so busy enjoying my days with family and friends I have forgotten to write my memories down. I am a very forgetful person by the way. So here is how our summer has started off!

Cameron had a speaking part in his kindergarten program and nailed it! Lol… too cute!

Kenleigh Maye has started smiling and even giggling lots more and growing! Almost 4 months old already!

Cameron & Kenleigh are best cousins ❤️

Work of course is always in the mix! This construction life we live is never ending. Either finishing a house or starting a house. My husband is the hardest working man I know, who keeps on going even on the tough days.

We have enjoyed visits with Great Great Grandma Joyce and fishing with Great Grandma & Grandpa Points.

Saying goodbye to best friends on the last day of kindergarten! Cameron and Pierce! Next stop First Grade!!!

A long relaxing weekend at the river!

Cameron was the ring bearer of a Beautiful Summer wedding! His girlfriend Kaitlyn married our nephew Franky…

Last night we enjoyed some evening fishing with some of our closest friends Mark & Tammy! Even though the guys caught more fish than us it was a great time!

The Summer is just getting started and has been memorable so far! Many camping trips in the works, lots of laughs and smiles. Several houses to build and finish and most importantly time with our grandchildren.

So past days, today & days to come have and will bring many Smiles 😁

Thank you Lord for these days