Our 1st Granddaughter

What an eventful week our family has had! It all started a little before 5am February 6th, my 44th birthday! Our youngest Kelsie called waking us up with the news that she had been having contractions since around 2am. They were 3 to 4 minuets apart. Jason and I got up, showered and took our 1st born grandson Cameron, who we adopted, to kindergarten around 8am. Then off to the hospital to meet up with Kelsie and Justin.

After a 2 hour wait at the hospital, the nurse finally came in to tell us Kels was still dilated to a 1 and that the best thing to do is take her home to rest until she dilates more and the contractions get stronger and closer together.

So we take her to her home, take turns and we walk around the house with her. For 9 hours! Poor Kels, her contractions were strong and she was miserable! Finally the contractions were 1 to 2 mins apart and off to the hospital again, on my birthday!!

She was now dilated to a 4.5 and was being admitted into the birthing center at 7pm. She agreed to the epidural, especially after 17 hours of strong hurtful contractions. And instantly felt relief from the pain.

Now we have a happy pain free but exhausted daughter, she finally gets a few small naps in throughout the night. Not knowing when the baby will arrive Jason and I set up camp in the hospital for the night.

The doctor on call that night really seemed not to concerned, we believe he just didn’t want to come. So they said Kelsie’s doctor, Dr. Barlet would be in making rounds and checking on her at 7am. After a whole night of not much rest at all. Dr. Barlet came in and decided she was going to break her water. This all happened at 7:30am. 12 hours after her first hospital visit the previous day.

Finally 4 hours later it was time! Kels was in great hands and not feeling a thing ( thanks to the epidural ) so after the babies head crowned and the Dr. Came in I decided I would set in the hall with Papa Jason and wait for the news! I had been in the room for our grandson Cameron’s birth some 5+ years ago and thought to let someone take my place. My sister Zoe’… She has never experienced this before and not being able to have children of her own, I wanted her to witness the miracle of life! ( I still thank the Lord for the 2 beautiful Taiwan babies she adopted several years ago. Zanthony almost 13 and Zaya now 10! ) Zoe’ captured the most beautiful photo of Justin cutting the umbilical cord, but too much maybe to share the photo here.

So at 11:33am February 7, 2018 Kelsie and Justin welcomed to our family Kenleigh Maye Messer! 7lbs 13oz and 20 1/4 in long. Absolutely Beautiful ❤️

33.5 hours of labor! Kels did wonderful, and I couldn’t believe how long it all lasted. I was in labor with Kelsie just 3 hours.

Cameron was one of the first to hold his new very first cousin!

So many photos! I can’t wait to have my nephew Franky do grandbaby portraits for me 🙂 Jason and I are Blessed now with 2 beautiful grandchildren ❤️

The best part of Life is being a Grandma!

And we will always remember nurse Audrey! What a wonderful lady and a great help!

Thank you Lord for our newest blessing!

Cameron is Learning to Read 📚

Cameron is now in his 2nd semester of Kindergarten. The first semester they worked on sight words and now the are learning to read!

When he started Kindergarten I was worried about his speech. He has issues with speech articulation, where he just has some problems pronouncing some words.

At the beginning of school his teacher, Mrs. Pock started tutoring him 2 days a week. What a difference it has made. She is very good with all of her students.

He is bringing home several books each week for him to read to me. I just love that. I absolutely love reading and it makes me so happy that he enjoys it also!

So I look in his backpack each day after school for new books and we instantly get them out and he reads to me then does his homework. We got a system that works for us, lol…

We are sooo proud of our new little reader!

Baby Shower 🍼

My sister in law Marjorie held a baby shower for our little girl a couple weeks back. She is the kindest and for her to do this for my daughter meant the world to us.

All pink and silver decorations and snowflakes for a winter themed shower was so adorable.

Our grandson Cameron helped Kels and Justin open gifts and show them to all the guests! He is the best helper 🙂

Baby Kenleigh’s room is now all decorated with pink and grey elephants. And has a huge beautiful wardrobe ready for her arrival. We enjoyed cupcakes and pink punch ( my mom makes the best punch ) and also served hot chili for such a cold day.

Jason and I were so grateful to all of ours and Kelsie & Justins friends and family that came to celebrate with them that day. Baby Kenleigh is already so loved.

Our soon to be neice Kaitlyn wrote down all the gifts and names of who they were from for Kels. And our neice Veronica gave Kelsie the middle name for the baby girl. Kenleigh Maye! Kels sure loves her sweet cousins and being able to spend time with all of them. And very grateful for my sister Zoe’ for all the help decorating and cleaning up. I love you dearly!

Zaya was the prettiest dressed one there 🙂

The weather outside was cold and rainy but inside everyone was all smiles, bellies full from hot chili and lots of laughter.

A day to remember for sure! Now Kelsie has about 3 weeks left until her due date and there are so many anxiously waiting to meet Miss Kenleigh Maye Messer 🎀

Thank you Lord for Family & Friends!

Snow Day ☃️

Yay! We had a couple of snow days! I was so happy that everyone in the house was over the flu bug and was able to enjoy the snow.

School was out for 2 1/2 days! We finally got a good snow fall. Not often enough do we get a good amout of snow. We ended up with 6 to 8 inches of beautiful white soft snow. My best friend Eileen who lives in Pennsylvania starts getting snow before Halloween and it continues till close to Saint Patricks Day! And she gets tons of it! So I am always excited for a good snowfall.

We took Cameron sledding, which he loved until he tipped over backwards and got a face full of snow! I kept laughing as I dusted all the snow off and sent him down the hill again!

The weather was freezing! Record breaking temps actually! One morning the temperature was -6 degrees! Of course our heater couldn’t keep up. Thank the Lord for electric heaters!

But even though the temperature was ridiculous we had a great couple days of enjoying the snow!

So thankful for snow days 🌨❄️☃️

Winter Bug!

Oh my! What a great start to this new year our family has had. No one likes getting the flu that is for sure, well it hit our household this season.

New Years day Jason and Cameron both fell right into a long nap that afternoon. I just figured they were wore out from the holidays. I mean we did have a crazy busy week with family and ended it celebrating New Years eve late into the night.

I snapped a peaceful photo, cause thats what this grandma does all the time, of the two of them napping. Papa and grandson.

Unfortunately when they both awoke from their long nap, they were sick. High fevers and stuffy noses.

The next day Off to the doctor! Jason tested positive for the flu 😷 so a round of tami flu for all of us. Poor Cameron ended up missing the first 3 days back to school from Christmas break and Jason a full week of work. Thankfully we work for ourselves.

Cameron and I recovered quickly, but Jason all though he is feeling much better, is going on day 10! Just can’t seem to get over the cough.

Now that it’s a week into the new year, I believe we will just think of it as our first of the year. And leave the winter bug behind us!!!

Welcome 2018!

Saying goodbye to the last year! Wether it is a quiet evening at home, just the three of us or surrounded by some of our favorites, I am always thankful.

Thankful to our Lord for the past year. And oh what a year it was! Lots of ups and downs, as every year brings. But January 1st brings a new chapter in our book. 365 days of new memories, opportunities and adventures. Keeping a journal along the way ( because it is the perfect way for me to remember everything).

I am starting the new year with even more love for Jesus, a grateful heart and focusing on the ones nearest and dearest to me. Showing more love and kindness, a whole lot more fun & laughter, and just letting things be. I am proud of the person I was in 2017, but I want a stronger, sweeter version of myself. Focusing on more date nights with my husband and enjoying time with just the two of us.

We are ringing in the new year with our only grandson Cameron. He is very special to us. He has been our only grandchild for the last 5 1/2 years. Spoiled by grandma and papa the entire time. He is the love of our life and the joy to everyday. In just a few weeks Cameron will get his very first cousin, his forever best friend, and our second grandchild. So an addition to the family in the beginning of 2018 is a Blessed way to start off a new year!

So Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!!!

“to stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord, and likewise at evening;” 1 Chronicles 23:30


With a blink of an eye Christmas has come and gone! The hustle and bustle of the last minute shopping and wrapping is over.

Each year my family gets together and stays the night for as long as I can remember. Everyone started arriving a little after 3. My parents, my sister and her family, my brother and sister in law, cousins and our adult children and their families.

Some of us ladies had matching pajamas and already shopping for next years jammies and for the guys too!

We played a Christmas game this year for our youngest daughter Kelsie. A surprise to her, all the secret gifts were baby gifts for her and Justins new baby girl coming in about 8 weeks!!!! We are looking forward to being grandparents again.

Lots of laughter in the house for sure! We now have something hilarious to talk about for many years to come. Lets just say my brother in law won’t back down from a bet 😂 ( giggling at the thought as I write this )

So much food… Love that my mom had the egg roll ingredients all ready mixed together before she came and that Miss Karodyn rolled them up and Chris fried them! This is a family tradition that will continue for years.

I believe it was sometime after 2am before I hit my pillow! No thanks to my sister crashing early on me, lol… Before we knew it 5am rolled around and everyone was getting up, getting the coffee and getting ready to open presents.

My brother in law Chris every year is great about handing presents out. The kids all laughing and Cameron bouncing all over with excitement.

My nephew Zanthony looking all sharp in his new pajamas!

My sister and I got my dad a map to frame with flags of different countries to pin whenever route 66 travelers pass by his new tiny house with their country flags flying. He loves living on old route 66.

I love that my family keeps this tradition going each year. And I pray our children keep up the tradition as we get older. Some of my best memories are with my grandma and aunts at Christmas time past.

Now the decorations are down and the tree is ready to be taken out to the pond. Until next year! Merry Christmas 🎄

Thank you Lord for my crazy wonderful fun loving family…