A Family Garden

My parents and my sister and her family bought some acreage a few years ago close to the outskirts of a small town I grew up in. This will be the third year of the vegetable garden. Each year it gets better and better.

The last couple of days we got together to plant the onions and potatoes. One row of onions so far and five rows of potatoes. Someone said something about planting potatoes on the top of the hill and just placing straw on top of them. So we decided we would try that in just a small area. Putting wire fencing draped over top to keep the straw in place. We will see what happens.

In a couple of weeks we will plant four rows of corn and a couple rows of other vegetables like okra, squash and tomatoes.

We started planting a few days early this year on grandmas, my moms mom, birthday. The weather forecast this week was perfect for planting. So hopefully weather permitting we will choose to plant on grandmas birthday every year.

My brother in law Chris worked on the blackberry bushes, cleaning them up and tying them up the fence. I can’t wait to pick those and bake a blackberry cobbler. My sister tended to the fruit trees.

Zoe’ and I drove to Miami, OK. this morning and got a load of mushroom dirt for the second garden. Dad plowed and tilled it for a larger garden this year. Around Easter we will plant pumpkins in that garden.

Im looking forward to the fall and hopefully we will have lots of pumpkins for the kids to carve and me to decorate with.

I enjoyed the last couple days working the garden with my sister, makes for great memories.

Little Piece of Route 66

Over the past weekend we took a small road trip. Following a piece of old route 66 in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

On Saturday we headed out in the afternoon to the West, towards Kansas. The first stop on route 66 was in Galena, KS. Down on their main street that sets right on 66 is Tow Mater! Cameron was stoked! He had been watching the movie “Cars” on the trip. So we jumped out and walked around looking at Mater and the Firetruck. We waited on other route 66 travelers to finish up their photos, then we took ours.

The sun was so bright that day and we had a very happy grandson!

Next to see was the Rainbow Bridge in Baxter Springs, KS. You can still drive on the bridge, but of course we had to get out and walk it. A beautiful old bridge.

Crossing over into Oklahoma we took a walk around the Mickey Mantel baseball field in Commerce. What a great statue and field dedicated to a great ball player.

Finally dinner time! Good friends of ours, the Farmers, turned us onto this small cafe in Oklahoma. The Lil Cafe! The best smoked prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights. So delicious! A great end to the day.

On Sunday morning we left the house early and headed East. Driving through the small town of Carterville, MO where I grew up and passing by my parents home situated on a hill on route 66 heading out of town. Stopping at the new bridge that was designed to look just like the one replaced just last year was our first stop.

A few miles down the road, Carthage, MO. has so much to see in there beautiful town. But our goal today was sticking to old route 66. And an old favorite of ours is the route 66 drive in movie theater which is still playing shows every weekend in the spring, summer and fall. A must see when passing through!

After Carthage, MO. we continued East on 96 hwy taking all the old route 66 roads on and off the highway all the way to Springfield, MO. Stopping at a couple spots for photos that we had never seen before. We came through a very small town called Spencer, MO. It has an old gas station that I don’t know why I didn’t snap a photo of but I did capture the old bridge a few feet past it. I love old bridges…

After we crossed over the bridge we took a wrong turn and had to turn around, back track a little to get back on route. That is the one thing about route 66, not enough good road signs telling you which way to go. You have to be really looking for a sign. But it is well worth it. The last small town we came to was Paris Springs Junction, MO. While driving through the beautiful scenery of this area you come upon a small replica station. A great spot to stop for photos on a route 66 road trip!

We continued following route 66 through Springfield, MO to Strafford. Where we chose to end our 66 travels for the day. And jumped onto I-44 and headed back West towards home.

One day we hope to travel the entire route 66 from Chicago Illinois to Santa Monica California. For now we will enjoy the route around our hometown.

Love Road Trips!!!!

Stomach Bug at the K-1

As I am setting here in the car pick up line at Cameron’s kindergarten building. I get a phone call.

The school called to inform all parents that there are over 100 kindergarten and first grade students out sick today! All in one day!

They all have the same symptoms. Vomiting and diarrhea, ugh…..

They are closing school the next two days ( thursday and friday ) to disinfect and clean the entire building.

Thank heavens…..

I pray that Cameron doesn’t catch it. He has already had the flu twice since the first week of January this year! He missed so much school already. So Lord please let this one skip him by!

We don’t want it!

And all those poor small children at home sick with this or coming down with it, I pray for a quick recovery. And love to all the mommas at home taking care of them!

Everyone get well soon!

Road trip to the RV show!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, perfect for a road trip with our grandson, Jasons brother Rodney and his wife Marjorie!

The 29th anual Springfield RV Mega Show happened to be this weekend. So off we all went. Jason and I love just checking out all the different floorplans and sizes of the new campers. We bought ours a couple years ago and enjoy it everytime we get to use it.

Rodney is on a mission to find a small pull behind RV. And this show had several to look at. Knowing Rodney he will end up fabricating one himself. He is quite talented that way. Marjorie is not picky at all ( unlike me – lol ) and is just ready to be camping at the river with us, getting her fishing on!

Cameron really enjoyed the smaller campers! Just his size he says long as the lights are left on at night, lol.

And he really thought the small dirt bike was Awesome!

After several hours of walking and forgetting what all we looked at. It was time to rest our feet and head to the local favorite restaurant of ours near Springfield. Lamberts! Home of the throwed rolls.

Now traveling back towards home! We all had a great day. Lots of fun and laughter. Love days spent like this! Love you bunches Rodney & Marjorie.

“Thankful Grateful Blessed”

Our 1st Granddaughter

What an eventful week our family has had! It all started a little before 5am February 6th, my 44th birthday! Our youngest Kelsie called waking us up with the news that she had been having contractions since around 2am. They were 3 to 4 minuets apart. Jason and I got up, showered and took our 1st born grandson Cameron, who we adopted, to kindergarten around 8am. Then off to the hospital to meet up with Kelsie and Justin.

After a 2 hour wait at the hospital, the nurse finally came in to tell us Kels was still dilated to a 1 and that the best thing to do is take her home to rest until she dilates more and the contractions get stronger and closer together.

So we take her to her home, take turns and we walk around the house with her. For 9 hours! Poor Kels, her contractions were strong and she was miserable! Finally the contractions were 1 to 2 mins apart and off to the hospital again, on my birthday!!

She was now dilated to a 4.5 and was being admitted into the birthing center at 7pm. She agreed to the epidural, especially after 17 hours of strong hurtful contractions. And instantly felt relief from the pain.

Now we have a happy pain free but exhausted daughter, she finally gets a few small naps in throughout the night. Not knowing when the baby will arrive Jason and I set up camp in the hospital for the night.

The doctor on call that night really seemed not to concerned, we believe he just didn’t want to come. So they said Kelsie’s doctor, Dr. Barlet would be in making rounds and checking on her at 7am. After a whole night of not much rest at all. Dr. Barlet came in and decided she was going to break her water. This all happened at 7:30am. 12 hours after her first hospital visit the previous day.

Finally 4 hours later it was time! Kels was in great hands and not feeling a thing ( thanks to the epidural ) so after the babies head crowned and the Dr. Came in I decided I would set in the hall with Papa Jason and wait for the news! I had been in the room for our grandson Cameron’s birth some 5+ years ago and thought to let someone take my place. My sister Zoe’… She has never experienced this before and not being able to have children of her own, I wanted her to witness the miracle of life! ( I still thank the Lord for the 2 beautiful Taiwan babies she adopted several years ago. Zanthony almost 13 and Zaya now 10! ) Zoe’ captured the most beautiful photo of Justin cutting the umbilical cord, but too much maybe to share the photo here.

So at 11:33am February 7, 2018 Kelsie and Justin welcomed to our family Kenleigh Maye Messer! 7lbs 13oz and 20 1/4 in long. Absolutely Beautiful ❤️

33.5 hours of labor! Kels did wonderful, and I couldn’t believe how long it all lasted. I was in labor with Kelsie just 3 hours.

Cameron was one of the first to hold his new very first cousin!

So many photos! I can’t wait to have my nephew Franky do grandbaby portraits for me 🙂 Jason and I are Blessed now with 2 beautiful grandchildren ❤️

The best part of Life is being a Grandma!

And we will always remember nurse Audrey! What a wonderful lady and a great help!

Thank you Lord for our newest blessing!

Cameron is Learning to Read 📚

Cameron is now in his 2nd semester of Kindergarten. The first semester they worked on sight words and now the are learning to read!

When he started Kindergarten I was worried about his speech. He has issues with speech articulation, where he just has some problems pronouncing some words.

At the beginning of school his teacher, Mrs. Pock started tutoring him 2 days a week. What a difference it has made. She is very good with all of her students.

He is bringing home several books each week for him to read to me. I just love that. I absolutely love reading and it makes me so happy that he enjoys it also!

So I look in his backpack each day after school for new books and we instantly get them out and he reads to me then does his homework. We got a system that works for us, lol…

We are sooo proud of our new little reader!