Christmas Date

Every year Jason and I look forward to our Christmas date. This year we got to enjoy two nights out.

First date we got a late start. We had to tend to a couple work matters before heading out which led us a couple hours behind schedule. But thankfully Walmart is open 24/7 so we made that our last stop. The town was busy with Christmas shoppers, every store packed. After we left the pet store we met up with our friends Mark and Tammy ” the Farmers ” and Jasons brother Rodney and our sister in law Marjorie for dinner at one of favorite local cafes, Red Onion Cafe…

We can never get enough of this cafe. It’s our go to place in town! If I would of thought to have the waiter take a photo of us all I would of, but we were all just enjoying the conversation and laughter it slipped my mind. I love dinner dates like that.

After dinner Rodney followed us to several stores so he could find Marjorie a Christmas gift. Of course we stayed at the book store a bit longer than they had hoped, but once you get me in one it’s hard to get me out lol.

We ended our night late at Walmart picking up a few stocking stuffer items. It was a great night.

Second date was more relaxed and slow paced, just a night out with little shopping to do.

We went to Lowes because our grandson has been wanting orange safety cones for some time now. It will be fun to see what his plans are for them.

Then Olive Garden for dinner. The Farmers were in town so they joined us. Another delicious meal. And the chocolate lasagna…

We ended our night getting our grandkids one more gift each. We couldn’t pass up the Red Ryder BB Gun for Cameron! Christmas day will be fun. And we got Kenleigh her first lego set.

This morning is Christmas Eve and were off to the mall for photos with Santa with Cameron and Kenleigh. Kenleighs first, I can’t wait.

Merry Christmas 🎄

Christmas Hop

On Saturday we hopped from one house to the next for the Bramlett family Christmas, which is my moms side. My younger cousin Karodyn took a paramedic job in Branson and will not be able to be here on Christmas Eve, so she planned the day out for us all.

We started at Aunt Shana’s and Uncle Ed’s for appetizers. Spinach dip, crab rangoon, little bbq smokies and much more delicious food. We all had to take a guess how much money was in the ornament, my sister won that. Then a fun game of Left, Center, Right. I had never played and must of had beginners luck because I won that game.

Next we went to my Grandpa Normans ( my moms dad ) house for lunch. Aunt Kam made turkey pie, a huge favorite in our family.

Aunt Shana, Uncle Larry, Aunt Kam and my mom Susan, they are such wonderful and hilarious siblings!

Last stop was our home for dessert. We had strawberry shortcake and hot cocoa with a scoop of fudge ice cream in it. Which turned out yummy. My mom is always coming up with some delicious concoction.

We played white elephant Christmas gift exchange. The gift had to be something from our home that we didn’t want or use anymore. Aunt Kam brought in a huge duffel bag, which Aunt Shana chose and ended up being full of old purses and bags but hidden in the bottom of it was a nice pair of binoculars. So my husband ended up stealing that for the binoculars and I’m stuck with about 20 old bags lol! My little niece Zaya ended up with a police scanner, Uncle Larry with an essential oil diffuser and a scarf, Aunt Shana got a fishing pole. I don’t remember who ended up with the duck decoys I wanted but I ended up with the rugs I told my mom to get rid of because they didn’t go with her house lol and I regifted back to my sister some gift she didn’t want lol. We all had so many laughs.

I love when my mom gets together with her brother and sisters, they are a hoot!

Hopefully we do this again next year, hopping from house to house. It made for a fun wonderful day 🙂

Scriptured Walls

I wanted something special, meaningful for our home. A home, whether new or old, is a place of comfort and joy. A place to make memories and cherish family.

I wrote scripture on these walls. I want our home to be blessed with life and love! Even trial and tribulations. I know that is crazy, but in order to experience love and grow in faith we must walk the winding road of ups and downs. Like every student you are tested and tested again. I want to grow stronger in my faith and relationship with God. And I know life is not all sunshine and roses. Of course we all wish it was.

So I wrote scripture on the walls asking for blessing and guidance as we live this life in this home. Prayers meaningful to us and all that enter. I find comfort placing my hand on a wall knowing there is a bible verse or a prayer under the sheetrock reminding me whom I need most in each breath I take. God is my center, my life, and prayer is key!

Our front door was my main focus. So many enter and exit through it.

” Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out. ” Deuteronomy28:6

I was so excited when Jason and I were walking through Hobby Lobby the other day and we came upon this sign. We both instantly knew we had to have this to hang over our front door. To find the same scripture I had written so many months earlier on the header for our front door, in a lovely sign. So no matter where life leads us we will always have this sign to move with us and the memories it holds.

I find happiness these days in the little things and look for something positive in every day. Not all days are easy, but I have comfort knowing God is there holding my hand and praying for me everyday. He loves me, even with all my flaws, He loves me!

Gingerbread House

The grandson and I picked up a gingerbread house kit while in town today. We had bought one last year that Cameron took to Aunt Kelsies to do with her, but I have actually never done one before.

So Cameron and I had a good evening building and decorating our gingerbread house. Thanks to another blogger for the idea. This may be a new tradition in our house 🙂

Boxes Galore!

As I set here this morning enjoying hot cocoa I wonder if all the boxes will ever get unpacked! I have a path through the garage and one storage unit left to empty…

Today I am going to get some things on the walls, mainly the master bedroom. I have been anxiously waiting to hang up our slate art from New Orleans above each door. I know one day we will travel back down South to get some more artwork from the French Quarter, we love that city.

Of course the grandkids and I got the Christmas tree up and decorated and the front porch as well. We seem to be missing a box of Christmas decor because my tree topper is nowhere to be found. Hope to find it…

This is my favorite time of year. Family comes together, I enjoy visiting with everyone. My little cousin has moved closer to Branson for a paramedic job and will be down on the 22nd. And I am always hopeful our oldest daughter will be able to head home from Denver. And of course any excuse to bake all day long brings me lots of joy!

Last night I enjoyed just relaxing on the sofa with the grandkids and good conversation with my hubby. And my sister in law Becky’s peanut butter balls. They are the best.

Now I must get back to the boxes! They don’t unpack their selves unfortunately 😂

Autumn Days & Nights…

Sunday I set in my living room watching the autumn leaves fall from the trees as the cold front was moving in. The sound of the wind and the leaves blowing was peaceful.

Jason and I enjoyed this fall, the temperatures a bit lower than usual but we recall we did not have much of spring temps either. 2018 brought long winter and summer and short spring and autumn. We have already enjoyed our first snowfall before thanksgiving. I am hoping we get a very snowy winter. Cameron will sure enjoy it!

Cameron was a ninja this year for Halloween and our granddaughter Kenleigh was a purple monster. We had a great time taking her with us to his school parade and halloween party. Then met up with our grandbabies parents that night at the mall for trick or treating. This halloween it was freezing and rainy out so we were grateful for the mall.

As our kids took their kids trick or treating Jason and I snuck off for a quick coffee date… Quality time together to laugh and talk just the two of us is always appreciated. Love my husband so…

We did make it to the pumpkin patch and corn maze this year on the last day they were open, lol… with both grandkids! We have been quite busy this fall

Kenleigh loved the pumpkins that were as big as her. We got them all carved and enjoyed them glowing at night. Camerons favorite part

Also this fall we took our annual road trip through the Boston Mountains in Arkansas. This year Jasons brother and his wife Marjorie joined us. We have the best time with them.

We finally stopped at Grandmas House Cafe along the scenic route. Place was packed but the fried chicken was wonderful. We will definitely stop in again, maybe not when the leaves are changing because everyone had the same idea that day. Worth the wait though.

We stopped again this year at the dinosaur park. Always a good time!

Then we traveled further down to Alma Arkansas to the A to Z store! I had never been and we are already planning a trip back soon. Furniture to clothing to home decor, they have it all. It was a long full day with great company. As always I look forward to that drive again next year.

Jason and I ended this last part of Autumn with family over for Thanksgiving being grateful for them all. Missing our oldest daughter Kirsten in Denver.

We also had a memorable date night, lol. One that will make us laugh every time we see our selfie at dinner. Laughter is the best part of life. And I enjoy it everyday with this man of mine.

I have started gathering my Christmas decor together and I am looking forward to the Journey to Bethlehem at the end of the week.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Autumn 🍂 winter is upon us ❄️