45 and 1…

As I set here enjoying the rain, I reflect back on my birthday week. Whom I now share with Kenleigh Maye, our granddaughter.

What a week it was. Full of laughter, road trips and even tears.

On the 2nd we joined our dear friends the Farmers on a road trip down to Arkansas. First stop as usual was in Bentonville at one of our favorite coffee shops, Onyx Coffee Lab. We usually go during the warmer season while on camping trips, but when I stepped out of the truck I was freezing so hot coffee was just what I needed. I had never had the onyx delight hot b4, just always cold. Well it is my new favorite coffee! The coffee art was worth the picture…

Mark & Tammy are always introducing us to new places. So pizza was for dinner. Down in Old Town Rogers Arkansas sets a delicious pizza joint! The Rail – A Pizza Company. Oh my stars it was amazing! The Alfred is what Tammy and I shared. Alfredo sauce, sliced italian sausage, chicken, mushrooms, onion, spinach and sun dried tomatoes on a woodfire crust. I’m ready to go back! They write something new on their welcoming sign each day, and I just loved it.

The 6th I turned 45! So far I have enjoyed all my forties and look forward to my 50’s. Crazy I know, but at this season in my life I do, let’s see how I’m feeling 5 years from now, lol.

During the day our family spent saying goodbye to Aunt Linda, 71. Yes her funeral was on my birthday, it’s life. And I didn’t mind sharing it with her at all. It was a good service and the rain held off until the end of the graveside service. Before she had a brain tumor 12 years ago she worked at our local University for many many years. She was a very kind and smart woman. She will be missed. After the service, my Uncle Friz (Lindas husband) took me for a birthday dinner. Jason, myself, cousin Tammy and my Uncle enjoyed good conversation. That day was hard on him, they would have been married 49 years this valentines. So I believed it helped him taking me out for dinner. Company is always good for the soul.

That evening my parents and sister with her kids came over for cake. Strawberry Jello Cake with Whipped cream icing! It is my favorite and my mom always makes it for my birthday. This year my 93 yr old gpa helped her and also sang happy birthday to me over the phone. It’s the little things I hold dear.

I set Kenleigh right up on the counter top so she could try to blow candles out, she didn’t, but she was definitely into the cake!

Cameron helped me the day b4 put her birthday present together. He is the best helper!

And she loves her car…

On the 7th we celebrated her 1st Birthday with her parents, family and friends. Still can not believe she is already 1. And walking all over the place. She is such a happy little girl.

On the 8th Cameron had his school program and Carnival. He had a blast! They sang baseball songs, every classroom had games set up and of course the bounce house is his favorite. We spent most of the time there.

On the 9th we babysat Kenleigh while her momma worked. Her and Papa caught a few zzz’s

Then that night my sister in law Marjorie and I set out for a sister date. Something we have been planning and are hoping to do throughout the year. Her health has gotten somewhat better and with her not working anymore she needs out and about, honestly we both do.

We went to Neosho to her friends for a bit and enjoyed good company. Then dinner at Red Hot & Blue, bbq in Joplin. I hadn’t been there in years, their burnt ends and red beans and rice were aaaamazing!

Then back home where we watched a movie with our husbands and laughed a lot.

I am thankful each day where I am and for whom all I have in my life. So my 45th birthday week and Kenleigh’s 1st was a good one.

Now I am going to make some hot tea and enjoy the rain while Kenleigh naps and b4 I pick Cameron up from school. Parent/Teacher conferences today…

Wish me Luck!

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