My Day…

I have enjoyed today, just a normal, non crazy day! Most days our house is full of crazy lol. A good crazy!

Our youngest daughter and her 11 month old baby girl have moved back home for a little while. So myself, my husband, our 6 year old grandson (whom we adopted when he was a baby) our daughter and newest granddaughter all in our new home (which we downsized to a smaller home) that I still haven’t had time to unpack everything and just one or two things on the walls. My days have just been that full, exhausting but so enjoyable all at the same time.

I started my morning with a trip to town with Kelsie (youngest daughter) and we ended it with a stop at the new local coffee shop. The Crazy Lama Coffee! I love coffee shops and well I just really enjoy coffee!

The afternoon we picked Cameron up from school then off to a quick meeting. Then we drove around Joplin for a bit checking on the progress of a couple of historic homes in the Murphysburg district that are being restored. I just love the architecture of the historical homes in the local mining towns.

We grabbed takeout at another local favorite Hackett Hot Wings, then headed home for movie night with my brother and sister in law.

Now everyone’s asleep and I thought I would enjoy the quiet of my living room. Something about sitting in the dark looking out my big windows to the beautiful night sky is so relaxing. Reflecting on my normal non crazy day that I enjoyed so much and catching up on some of my favorite blogs and maybe finding some new ones.

And I pray, I pray a lot. For my family and my friends. I miss my oldest daughter Kirsten who now lives in Denver. She hasn’t spoke to me in so long and I haven’t seen her in over a year. My life isn’t perfect, no ones is. We all have flaws, especially me. But I have a big God. Although I miss my Kirsten I am proud that she is following her dreams even without me in her life and I know God is watching over her for me. I love you Kirsten forever and always.

Our comedian son Cameron had a local comedy show tonight. I’m sure he did great. He loves being on stage. He is happy these days with a great job and doing comedy on the side, both which he loves.

So I have a crazy, sometimes dysfunctional, full of life and love family that I wouldn’t change for the world. For that I am Thankful Grateful and Blessed.

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