Boy Howdy! January is half over already and I still have a ton of boxes to unpack. Honestly it should have been done by now! I mean we have been in the new house about 2 months now. The holidays are now over and all the decorations are down. I think it’s time to get motivated!

I caught a cold that I have had last few weeks and which I passed it onto my granddaughter Kenleigh Maye. I am feeling much better but Kenleigh still has an awful runny nose. So she has been getting lots of extra love and attention from this grandma.

We have been doing movie night with Jasons brother and his wife every Friday night. Marjorie is a huge Harry Potter fan so we have started from the beginning. This upcoming Friday we will watch the 5th movie in the series.

Jason and I have already gotten out for a quick date night this year. It was a simple one, just grocery shopping and of course a stop for coffee. He has been working so much lately and I have Kenleigh all the time now while both her parents work over 40 hour weeks and of course we have our Cameron who keeps me on my toes every day. School is back in and he is enjoying 1st grade. So when my mom calls asking if she can have both of her great grandkids for the afternoon Jason and I quickly get out the door for quality time together. Nothing makes me happier than our drives, just the two of us talking, laughing and making plans of things to come.

We have been through so much the last year. Financially and emotionally. A failed business, partnership and to the loss of two of his closest friends and a beautiful niece all taken too soon. So many tears were shed and many lessons learned.

This year we are focusing on us! As our pastor said this past Sunday ” be intentional on who you keep in your circle, don’t dwell on the past good or bad, focus on today and those in your circle all while keeping your focus on God! ” That is our plan. Over the past year we have paid attention to the ones who truly love and care for us and truly want our lives filled with happiness, healing, laughter and love. I have poured my heart out and I have prayed and I am walking away from those hurt feelings from ones I thought loved me and walking towards the ones that have been there every step of our journey and still are there for us everyday.

The last few weeks I have been my happiest and I look forward to what the new year brings. Hopefully snow! Lol… at least the forecast is predicting it for this upcoming weekend. We shall see!

I pray everyone has a healthy happy full intentional 2019!!!

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