Christmas Hop

On Saturday we hopped from one house to the next for the Bramlett family Christmas, which is my moms side. My younger cousin Karodyn took a paramedic job in Branson and will not be able to be here on Christmas Eve, so she planned the day out for us all.

We started at Aunt Shana’s and Uncle Ed’s for appetizers. Spinach dip, crab rangoon, little bbq smokies and much more delicious food. We all had to take a guess how much money was in the ornament, my sister won that. Then a fun game of Left, Center, Right. I had never played and must of had beginners luck because I won that game.

Next we went to my Grandpa Normans ( my moms dad ) house for lunch. Aunt Kam made turkey pie, a huge favorite in our family.

Aunt Shana, Uncle Larry, Aunt Kam and my mom Susan, they are such wonderful and hilarious siblings!

Last stop was our home for dessert. We had strawberry shortcake and hot cocoa with a scoop of fudge ice cream in it. Which turned out yummy. My mom is always coming up with some delicious concoction.

We played white elephant Christmas gift exchange. The gift had to be something from our home that we didn’t want or use anymore. Aunt Kam brought in a huge duffel bag, which Aunt Shana chose and ended up being full of old purses and bags but hidden in the bottom of it was a nice pair of binoculars. So my husband ended up stealing that for the binoculars and I’m stuck with about 20 old bags lol! My little niece Zaya ended up with a police scanner, Uncle Larry with an essential oil diffuser and a scarf, Aunt Shana got a fishing pole. I don’t remember who ended up with the duck decoys I wanted but I ended up with the rugs I told my mom to get rid of because they didn’t go with her house lol and I regifted back to my sister some gift she didn’t want lol. We all had so many laughs.

I love when my mom gets together with her brother and sisters, they are a hoot!

Hopefully we do this again next year, hopping from house to house. It made for a fun wonderful day 🙂

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