Christmas Date

Every year Jason and I look forward to our Christmas date. This year we got to enjoy two nights out.

First date we got a late start. We had to tend to a couple work matters before heading out which led us a couple hours behind schedule. But thankfully Walmart is open 24/7 so we made that our last stop. The town was busy with Christmas shoppers, every store packed. After we left the pet store we met up with our friends Mark and Tammy ” the Farmers ” and Jasons brother Rodney and our sister in law Marjorie for dinner at one of favorite local cafes, Red Onion Cafe…

We can never get enough of this cafe. It’s our go to place in town! If I would of thought to have the waiter take a photo of us all I would of, but we were all just enjoying the conversation and laughter it slipped my mind. I love dinner dates like that.

After dinner Rodney followed us to several stores so he could find Marjorie a Christmas gift. Of course we stayed at the book store a bit longer than they had hoped, but once you get me in one it’s hard to get me out lol.

We ended our night late at Walmart picking up a few stocking stuffer items. It was a great night.

Second date was more relaxed and slow paced, just a night out with little shopping to do.

We went to Lowes because our grandson has been wanting orange safety cones for some time now. It will be fun to see what his plans are for them.

Then Olive Garden for dinner. The Farmers were in town so they joined us. Another delicious meal. And the chocolate lasagna…

We ended our night getting our grandkids one more gift each. We couldn’t pass up the Red Ryder BB Gun for Cameron! Christmas day will be fun. And we got Kenleigh her first lego set.

This morning is Christmas Eve and were off to the mall for photos with Santa with Cameron and Kenleigh. Kenleighs first, I can’t wait.

Merry Christmas 🎄

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