Scriptured Walls

I wanted something special, meaningful for our home. A home, whether new or old, is a place of comfort and joy. A place to make memories and cherish family.

I wrote scripture on these walls. I want our home to be blessed with life and love! Even trial and tribulations. I know that is crazy, but in order to experience love and grow in faith we must walk the winding road of ups and downs. Like every student you are tested and tested again. I want to grow stronger in my faith and relationship with God. And I know life is not all sunshine and roses. Of course we all wish it was.

So I wrote scripture on the walls asking for blessing and guidance as we live this life in this home. Prayers meaningful to us and all that enter. I find comfort placing my hand on a wall knowing there is a bible verse or a prayer under the sheetrock reminding me whom I need most in each breath I take. God is my center, my life, and prayer is key!

Our front door was my main focus. So many enter and exit through it.

” Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out. ” Deuteronomy28:6

I was so excited when Jason and I were walking through Hobby Lobby the other day and we came upon this sign. We both instantly knew we had to have this to hang over our front door. To find the same scripture I had written so many months earlier on the header for our front door, in a lovely sign. So no matter where life leads us we will always have this sign to move with us and the memories it holds.

I find happiness these days in the little things and look for something positive in every day. Not all days are easy, but I have comfort knowing God is there holding my hand and praying for me everyday. He loves me, even with all my flaws, He loves me!

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