Boxes Galore!

As I set here this morning enjoying hot cocoa I wonder if all the boxes will ever get unpacked! I have a path through the garage and one storage unit left to empty…

Today I am going to get some things on the walls, mainly the master bedroom. I have been anxiously waiting to hang up our slate art from New Orleans above each door. I know one day we will travel back down South to get some more artwork from the French Quarter, we love that city.

Of course the grandkids and I got the Christmas tree up and decorated and the front porch as well. We seem to be missing a box of Christmas decor because my tree topper is nowhere to be found. Hope to find it…

This is my favorite time of year. Family comes together, I enjoy visiting with everyone. My little cousin has moved closer to Branson for a paramedic job and will be down on the 22nd. And I am always hopeful our oldest daughter will be able to head home from Denver. And of course any excuse to bake all day long brings me lots of joy!

Last night I enjoyed just relaxing on the sofa with the grandkids and good conversation with my hubby. And my sister in law Becky’s peanut butter balls. They are the best.

Now I must get back to the boxes! They don’t unpack their selves unfortunately 😂

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