Together = One

Jason and I recently celebrated another year of marriage. 16 to be exact! Where has the time gone? It seems just like yesterday we met for the first time. We both knew instantly that we were going to marry. He proposed a few months later, and after almost a three year engagement we were married.

Through the good and bad times we continue to grow stronger and closer together. We have always said since the day we married we became one. It is important to us. Together = One! We both know we would be lost without the other. Our beliefs in marriage run strong with the same views. And our faith in God holds us together tighter than ever.

We laugh and cry together, finish each others sentences, think of the same things at the same time, dream together, work together and continue to grow together in life and love.

Everyday I am thankful for this man of mine. And our marriage.

Looking forward to making many more wonderful memories with him…

Together = One ❤️JP❤️1019❤️

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