Summer coming to an end…

Summer is almost over, where did it go? School has been back in for almost a month now, and since then the days have just been flying by!

A dear friend of ours opened a cafe ( his life long dream to do so ). The No Wake Cafe right on the lake. So of course we had to make the drive down to try it out!

Our youngest daughter Kelsie and her family drive down also. The fish and chips were wonderful. We had a great day and look forward to getting back next week before Jeff closes the cafe for the season.

A few days later I was watching our granddaughter Kenleigh Maye while her momma was working, she was a bit fussy and napped a lot all day. Sure enough her very first tooth came in! She was 6 months old. Look at her cuteness when I asked her to show me ❤️

Then just the very next day after Kenleigh got her first tooth our grandson Cameron lost his very first tooth! Lol… He was so excited and had to call and tell everyone 😂

One evening while Jason and my father in law were at a football game I got to enjoy the evening out with my youngest Kelsie and both my grandbabies. Dinner at Chatters in Pittsburgh.

Love my time with her and hope to one day have that time with our oldest Kirsten. She is now living in Denver, Colorado.

One morning I was able to enjoy my coffee and watch the beautiful sun rise…

Let’s see, another evening we drove down to another lake ( we have several big lakes less than couple hours away ) where my in laws were camping to stop in for a quick visit. I love the evening drives around a lake. Beautiful and peaceful.

And of course we enjoyed watching Cameron on the playground! He is such a happy boy. He blesses our hearts every second.

So just a few short weeks left of summer and then fall will be here.

I am looking forward to our upcoming anniversary next month and our annual drive through the Boston Mountains. But of course every day is a good day when I’m enjoying a drive with my husband.

So grateful for a full fun adventurous summer…

” you observe days and months and seasons and years”

Galatians 4:10

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