A Good Weekend…

We all got to sleep in on Saturday morning until 7, lol… (We really are back on school time!) Enjoyed the peaceful morning in the camper.

In the afternoon we picked up our youngest daughter Kelsie and granddaughter Kenleigh and headed to town. First stop was lunch, On The Border! Kelsies friend Brooke works there so they got to visit. The chicken border bowls are the best with extra guacamole. Cameron had the corn dog of course. Jason a California burrito and Kels the southwest tacos. Next time I will try the street tacos.

Next stop Academy Sport Store. Kels had to buy an athletic sleeve to cover up her watercolor wolf tattoo for work. She use to wear a jacket but that rule changed. Then a quick stop at Wal Mart for Kenleigh some new bottles.

It was nice to not have a rain day but it was hot and humid out! I prefer the rain.

Later in the evening after chili dogs with the in laws we surprised Cameron with the Carterville carnival.

Kelsie, Justin & Kenleigh

Our niece Vanessa & Kenleigh

Cameron and his papa love cotton candy!

It was a small carnival and a nice evening with the kidos.

So grateful for a fun day! We enjoy our moments with our adult children. And especially time with both grandkids.

This morning Jason and I are enjoying setting outside the camper, sipping coffee and listening to the rain. These are the moments I love the most living in the camper. Just relaxing…

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