Back to School

It’s that time again already… First day of School. Summer sure goes by quickly anymore.

Monday night we went to open house of Camerons new school. He was a bit nervous, he knew all around his last school, but walked in brave as can be!

He quickly made friends with Kyler, the boy who will set across from him at their table.

We put all of his supplies up where they needed to be and checked out the classroom. First graders have their own cubbies where he hangs his backpack and puts his folders and lunch box in.

Then outside we went to check out the playground. Determined to find out what the big wooden circle was! They call it the “ga ga pitt” if I remember the name correctly lol. It’s like dodgeball without throwing the ball at each other, the ball is rolled at you inside the pitt, if you get tagged out of the pitt you go! He is really looking forward to playing that!

Wednesday was his first day of first grade! We are no longer a bulldog family, instead we are Cardinals! I graduated a Cardinal so it’s nice to be back.

Cameron set right down at his new table and got to coloring!

A quick photo opp with his new teacher!

And just like that I was saying goodbye and have a great first day! He was ready, growing up so fast. This grandma is proud of the little man.

Of course I did a first day of school photo in the morning, unlike any of our other first day of school photos! This one was special.

At the moment we are living in our camper until the house build is done. So he will forever have a first day of school photo camper style đŸ˜‚

Drop off and pick up line so far is going smoothly. And he said he had a great first day!

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