4th of July…

Every year we go out to Jasons brothers house ( except for the rare occasion he has worked out of town on the fourth ) for fourth of july bbq and the guys blow stuff up!

The blowing of stuff up has flowed down to our sons! This year our nephew Franky and his friends had a go with a 55 gallon barrel. Let’s just say it hit the air! I personally get the b jeezus scared outa me every time. But its something the Summers guys do!

Another thing the Summers enjoy is food! We all love good food. Joey on the grill is a must. And his potatoes… yum!

Jason and I, Londa and Joey…

Family is everything to me, and having my grandkids around me all the time means the world to me. Our granddaughter Kenleigh’s first 4th of July. No tears, she just relaxed and watched the fireworks!

Our Cameron started off enjoying the fireworks but quickly got bored with them and off to play 😂

Two of our three kids were with us this holiday. We miss our oldest daughter Kirsten and pray she will be back with us enjoying the family holidays one day.

Kelsie and Justin ( Kenleigh’s parents ) Kels is our youngest daughter. Spoiled and full of life. Never a dull moment with her…

Our oldest son Cameron and his fiancé Gracie ( our little Camerons dad ) enjoyed the evening shooting off fireworks! Cameron the family comedian 😂

Surrounded by family and friends this fourth was just the medicine i needed! So much going on these days, smiles and laughter always does the trick.

Great Grandma June enjoyed Kenleigh’s snuggles for the big fireworks display.

Mothers and Daughters! Our girls wanted a photo together, Kalli, Kelsie and Vanessa. So of course we had to do one too!

Shelly, Myself and Londa! I enjoy my time with these two ladies. And need to get together more often with them. Friends are a Blessing.

It was a great night! Jason and I love being with family. And the fireworks were beautiful. Thankful for time well spent with ones we love…

Happy 4th of July 🎇

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