6… Already!

June 24th has came and gone again… Cameron is now a 6 year old. Where has the time gone?

Seems just like yesterday I was in the delivery room waiting on our first grandchild to be born. What a special night it was. And he has Blessed his Papa and I with joy and laughter each day since.

A change of plans directed us from a birthday at the river to opening gifts at home with our children and both grandchildren.

Then a last minute decision to go to Chuck E Cheese’s! That turned out better than we thought 😂 Not only did Cameron have a blast but we all did!

We all enjoyed the photo booth as well… Now I wish I would of snapped photos of everyone’s photo booth pictures.

Little Miss Kenleigh enjoyed it also! Cameron loves his baby cousin so much.

After the pizza and fun we went into the mall where Cameron got a cookie and icee! Yep no birthday cake for this boy! He doesn’t like cake, not even the icing on the big cookies. So he picked just the right one, lol.

We ended the day going out to my Mommas and Papas Mommas ( as what he calls them ) for a visit. He loves all his great grandparents so much ❤️

On the way home he told Papa and I he had an Awesome Birthday 🎉 and his smiles and grateful heart is what we love most about our adventurous 6 year old.

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