Beautiful Days make me Smile…

Today is one of those days! You know, when you just feel like smiling and you are surrounded with happiness & love. After 18 years my husband still makes my heart flutter. Just by simply smiling at me. When my grandson gives me a hug or our new granddaughter giggles at me. I love being a wife, mom and especially a grandma!

I have been so busy enjoying my days with family and friends I have forgotten to write my memories down. I am a very forgetful person by the way. So here is how our summer has started off!

Cameron had a speaking part in his kindergarten program and nailed it! Lol… too cute!

Kenleigh Maye has started smiling and even giggling lots more and growing! Almost 4 months old already!

Cameron & Kenleigh are best cousins ❤️

Work of course is always in the mix! This construction life we live is never ending. Either finishing a house or starting a house. My husband is the hardest working man I know, who keeps on going even on the tough days.

We have enjoyed visits with Great Great Grandma Joyce and fishing with Great Grandma & Grandpa Points.

Saying goodbye to best friends on the last day of kindergarten! Cameron and Pierce! Next stop First Grade!!!

A long relaxing weekend at the river!

Cameron was the ring bearer of a Beautiful Summer wedding! His girlfriend Kaitlyn married our nephew Franky…

Last night we enjoyed some evening fishing with some of our closest friends Mark & Tammy! Even though the guys caught more fish than us it was a great time!

The Summer is just getting started and has been memorable so far! Many camping trips in the works, lots of laughs and smiles. Several houses to build and finish and most importantly time with our grandchildren.

So past days, today & days to come have and will bring many Smiles 😁

Thank you Lord for these days

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