Spring Break 2018

Spring break has come and gone. Cameron went back to school today. I enjoyed the week with him. It wasn’t long ago I looked forward to him starting kindergarten, him to have fun with new friends, learn so much and me to have a little free time. So I really enjoyed all the time together this past week.

Just a close to home vacation. The river, we went! We love taking the travel trailer camping with our grandson. Other than being a Grandma, trips to the river rates a close 2nd on my favorite things to do list.

No fishing on this trip! We just relaxed, enjoying our days. I enjoy the trails, so the boys joined me on the river trail. I collect a rock from each trail we hike and write on it the name of the trail, the date and who all joined me. I’ve got a good collection over the years.

Cameron was all about the adventure this trip. Wether it be climbing down a small area off a trail and climbing back up or crossing a small spring without falling in the water.

He made several videos, unfortunately too long to post on here. He recorded our drive through one of the campgrounds and it literally was over 5 minutes long, lol. The videos are great!

We also one day walked the dry river bed quite a ways. Very peaceful out enjoying nature with my boys. Days like that are all I long for. When I’m old and gray I pray for many trips to the river!

After a nice time at the river, we traveled home. Dinner with Jason’s grandma and mom. Cameron’s Great Grandma June and Great Great Grandma Joyce for prime rib at our favorite Lil Cafe in Oklahoma. So he had dinner with 3 Grandmas ( lucky boy ). The boys love Grandma Joyce so much! Everyone does. She is wonderful woman.

On Sunday, the last day before heading back to school we went to the local movie theater for “Sherlock Gnomes” it was great, Cameron had a great time!

And that’s what we are put on this earth for! To love and spoil our Grandchildren every chance we get. Thank you Lord!

“Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged” Proverbs 17:6

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