Little Piece of Route 66

Over the past weekend we took a small road trip. Following a piece of old route 66 in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

On Saturday we headed out in the afternoon to the West, towards Kansas. The first stop on route 66 was in Galena, KS. Down on their main street that sets right on 66 is Tow Mater! Cameron was stoked! He had been watching the movie “Cars” on the trip. So we jumped out and walked around looking at Mater and the Firetruck. We waited on other route 66 travelers to finish up their photos, then we took ours.

The sun was so bright that day and we had a very happy grandson!

Next to see was the Rainbow Bridge in Baxter Springs, KS. You can still drive on the bridge, but of course we had to get out and walk it. A beautiful old bridge.

Crossing over into Oklahoma we took a walk around the Mickey Mantel baseball field in Commerce. What a great statue and field dedicated to a great ball player.

Finally dinner time! Good friends of ours, the Farmers, turned us onto this small cafe in Oklahoma. The Lil Cafe! The best smoked prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights. So delicious! A great end to the day.

On Sunday morning we left the house early and headed East. Driving through the small town of Carterville, MO where I grew up and passing by my parents home situated on a hill on route 66 heading out of town. Stopping at the new bridge that was designed to look just like the one replaced just last year was our first stop.

A few miles down the road, Carthage, MO. has so much to see in there beautiful town. But our goal today was sticking to old route 66. And an old favorite of ours is the route 66 drive in movie theater which is still playing shows every weekend in the spring, summer and fall. A must see when passing through!

After Carthage, MO. we continued East on 96 hwy taking all the old route 66 roads on and off the highway all the way to Springfield, MO. Stopping at a couple spots for photos that we had never seen before. We came through a very small town called Spencer, MO. It has an old gas station that I don’t know why I didn’t snap a photo of but I did capture the old bridge a few feet past it. I love old bridges…

After we crossed over the bridge we took a wrong turn and had to turn around, back track a little to get back on route. That is the one thing about route 66, not enough good road signs telling you which way to go. You have to be really looking for a sign. But it is well worth it. The last small town we came to was Paris Springs Junction, MO. While driving through the beautiful scenery of this area you come upon a small replica station. A great spot to stop for photos on a route 66 road trip!

We continued following route 66 through Springfield, MO to Strafford. Where we chose to end our 66 travels for the day. And jumped onto I-44 and headed back West towards home.

One day we hope to travel the entire route 66 from Chicago Illinois to Santa Monica California. For now we will enjoy the route around our hometown.

Love Road Trips!!!!

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