A Family Garden

My parents and my sister and her family bought some acreage a few years ago close to the outskirts of a small town I grew up in. This will be the third year of the vegetable garden. Each year it gets better and better.

The last couple of days we got together to plant the onions and potatoes. One row of onions so far and five rows of potatoes. Someone said something about planting potatoes on the top of the hill and just placing straw on top of them. So we decided we would try that in just a small area. Putting wire fencing draped over top to keep the straw in place. We will see what happens.

In a couple of weeks we will plant four rows of corn and a couple rows of other vegetables like okra, squash and tomatoes.

We started planting a few days early this year on grandmas, my moms mom, birthday. The weather forecast this week was perfect for planting. So hopefully weather permitting we will choose to plant on grandmas birthday every year.

My brother in law Chris worked on the blackberry bushes, cleaning them up and tying them up the fence. I can’t wait to pick those and bake a blackberry cobbler. My sister tended to the fruit trees.

Zoe’ and I drove to Miami, OK. this morning and got a load of mushroom dirt for the second garden. Dad plowed and tilled it for a larger garden this year. Around Easter we will plant pumpkins in that garden.

Im looking forward to the fall and hopefully we will have lots of pumpkins for the kids to carve and me to decorate with.

I enjoyed the last couple days working the garden with my sister, makes for great memories.

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