Stomach Bug at the K-1

As I am setting here in the car pick up line at Cameron’s kindergarten building. I get a phone call.

The school called to inform all parents that there are over 100 kindergarten and first grade students out sick today! All in one day!

They all have the same symptoms. Vomiting and diarrhea, ugh…..

They are closing school the next two days ( thursday and friday ) to disinfect and clean the entire building.

Thank heavens…..

I pray that Cameron doesn’t catch it. He has already had the flu twice since the first week of January this year! He missed so much school already. So Lord please let this one skip him by!

We don’t want it!

And all those poor small children at home sick with this or coming down with it, I pray for a quick recovery. And love to all the mommas at home taking care of them!

Everyone get well soon!

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