Road trip to the RV show!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, perfect for a road trip with our grandson, Jasons brother Rodney and his wife Marjorie!

The 29th anual Springfield RV Mega Show happened to be this weekend. So off we all went. Jason and I love just checking out all the different floorplans and sizes of the new campers. We bought ours a couple years ago and enjoy it everytime we get to use it.

Rodney is on a mission to find a small pull behind RV. And this show had several to look at. Knowing Rodney he will end up fabricating one himself. He is quite talented that way. Marjorie is not picky at all ( unlike me – lol ) and is just ready to be camping at the river with us, getting her fishing on!

Cameron really enjoyed the smaller campers! Just his size he says long as the lights are left on at night, lol.

And he really thought the small dirt bike was Awesome!

After several hours of walking and forgetting what all we looked at. It was time to rest our feet and head to the local favorite restaurant of ours near Springfield. Lamberts! Home of the throwed rolls.

Now traveling back towards home! We all had a great day. Lots of fun and laughter. Love days spent like this! Love you bunches Rodney & Marjorie.

“Thankful Grateful Blessed”

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