Our 1st Granddaughter

What an eventful week our family has had! It all started a little before 5am February 6th, my 44th birthday! Our youngest Kelsie called waking us up with the news that she had been having contractions since around 2am. They were 3 to 4 minuets apart. Jason and I got up, showered and took our 1st born grandson Cameron, who we adopted, to kindergarten around 8am. Then off to the hospital to meet up with Kelsie and Justin.

After a 2 hour wait at the hospital, the nurse finally came in to tell us Kels was still dilated to a 1 and that the best thing to do is take her home to rest until she dilates more and the contractions get stronger and closer together.

So we take her to her home, take turns and we walk around the house with her. For 9 hours! Poor Kels, her contractions were strong and she was miserable! Finally the contractions were 1 to 2 mins apart and off to the hospital again, on my birthday!!

She was now dilated to a 4.5 and was being admitted into the birthing center at 7pm. She agreed to the epidural, especially after 17 hours of strong hurtful contractions. And instantly felt relief from the pain.

Now we have a happy pain free but exhausted daughter, she finally gets a few small naps in throughout the night. Not knowing when the baby will arrive Jason and I set up camp in the hospital for the night.

The doctor on call that night really seemed not to concerned, we believe he just didn’t want to come. So they said Kelsie’s doctor, Dr. Barlet would be in making rounds and checking on her at 7am. After a whole night of not much rest at all. Dr. Barlet came in and decided she was going to break her water. This all happened at 7:30am. 12 hours after her first hospital visit the previous day.

Finally 4 hours later it was time! Kels was in great hands and not feeling a thing ( thanks to the epidural ) so after the babies head crowned and the Dr. Came in I decided I would set in the hall with Papa Jason and wait for the news! I had been in the room for our grandson Cameron’s birth some 5+ years ago and thought to let someone take my place. My sister Zoe’… She has never experienced this before and not being able to have children of her own, I wanted her to witness the miracle of life! ( I still thank the Lord for the 2 beautiful Taiwan babies she adopted several years ago. Zanthony almost 13 and Zaya now 10! ) Zoe’ captured the most beautiful photo of Justin cutting the umbilical cord, but too much maybe to share the photo here.

So at 11:33am February 7, 2018 Kelsie and Justin welcomed to our family Kenleigh Maye Messer! 7lbs 13oz and 20 1/4 in long. Absolutely Beautiful ❤️

33.5 hours of labor! Kels did wonderful, and I couldn’t believe how long it all lasted. I was in labor with Kelsie just 3 hours.

Cameron was one of the first to hold his new very first cousin!

So many photos! I can’t wait to have my nephew Franky do grandbaby portraits for me 🙂 Jason and I are Blessed now with 2 beautiful grandchildren ❤️

The best part of Life is being a Grandma!

And we will always remember nurse Audrey! What a wonderful lady and a great help!

Thank you Lord for our newest blessing!

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