Cameron is Learning to Read πŸ“š

Cameron is now in his 2nd semester of Kindergarten. The first semester they worked on sight words and now the are learning to read!

When he started Kindergarten I was worried about his speech. He has issues with speech articulation, where he just has some problems pronouncing some words.

At the beginning of school his teacher, Mrs. Pock started tutoring him 2 days a week. What a difference it has made. She is very good with all of her students.

He is bringing home several books each week for him to read to me. I just love that. I absolutely love reading and it makes me so happy that he enjoys it also!

So I look in his backpack each day after school for new books and we instantly get them out and he reads to me then does his homework. We got a system that works for us, lol…

We are sooo proud of our new little reader!

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