Snow Day ☃️

Yay! We had a couple of snow days! I was so happy that everyone in the house was over the flu bug and was able to enjoy the snow.

School was out for 2 1/2 days! We finally got a good snow fall. Not often enough do we get a good amout of snow. We ended up with 6 to 8 inches of beautiful white soft snow. My best friend Eileen who lives in Pennsylvania starts getting snow before Halloween and it continues till close to Saint Patricks Day! And she gets tons of it! So I am always excited for a good snowfall.

We took Cameron sledding, which he loved until he tipped over backwards and got a face full of snow! I kept laughing as I dusted all the snow off and sent him down the hill again!

The weather was freezing! Record breaking temps actually! One morning the temperature was -6 degrees! Of course our heater couldn’t keep up. Thank the Lord for electric heaters!

But even though the temperature was ridiculous we had a great couple days of enjoying the snow!

So thankful for snow days 🌨❄️☃️

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