Winter Bug!

Oh my! What a great start to this new year our family has had. No one likes getting the flu that is for sure, well it hit our household this season.

New Years day Jason and Cameron both fell right into a long nap that afternoon. I just figured they were wore out from the holidays. I mean we did have a crazy busy week with family and ended it celebrating New Years eve late into the night.

I snapped a peaceful photo, cause thats what this grandma does all the time, of the two of them napping. Papa and grandson.

Unfortunately when they both awoke from their long nap, they were sick. High fevers and stuffy noses.

The next day Off to the doctor! Jason tested positive for the flu 😷 so a round of tami flu for all of us. Poor Cameron ended up missing the first 3 days back to school from Christmas break and Jason a full week of work. Thankfully we work for ourselves.

Cameron and I recovered quickly, but Jason all though he is feeling much better, is going on day 10! Just can’t seem to get over the cough.

Now that it’s a week into the new year, I believe we will just think of it as our first of the year. And leave the winter bug behind us!!!

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