Cameron & Santa!

Cameron, our grandson, came to live with us right after Christmas. The first part of January 2014. He was just one.

Over the years I have looked for his 1 year old photo with Santa. I’m sure it is somewhere. I’m sure his parents at the time had one taken. But I am unsuccessful in finding it. So it has been our tradition to see Santa every year since.

So December 2014 off to the mall we went. Papa, Cameron and I. Cameron set right up on Santas lap like they were long lost pals. He was so little ❤️

I remember December 2015 we met our neighbor Karla at the mall with her almost 1 year old granddaughter. Cameron told Sophia he would go first and don’t be scared. Santas his best friend.

December 2016 I remember Papa and I standing in line with Cameron as he anxiously waited to talk to Santa. He is such a happy child.

Here we are 4 full years later from when he came to live with us ( time has flown by ) and another visit with Santa!

This year Cameron said he was a good boy ( which he was ) and that he would like a ball, jump rope and a hippo! Yes a hippo! I don’t know where that came from but that’s what he asked for.

Next year Cameron will be 6, so I don’t know if he will still want to visit Santa. If so yay! Grandma will get another cute photo of the two of them. If not what great memories I have of Cameron and Santa.

I sure hope Santa brings a hippo!

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