Moved Out!

Oh what a night! I am plum wore out. Kelsie our youngest daughter and Justin, tonight moved into their first apartment.

With the help of Justins friends and Kelsie’s brother we were so thankful for them! But the move is over and the view from their balcony is worth the two flights of stairs!

Kels and Gracie got the tree all decorated with just 10 days until Christmas! But so happy Kels and Justin were able to move in before Christmas and got to decorate. Oh and the Christmas lights on the balcony are up too.

Jason, my mom and Cameron enjoyed a visit while my dad and Justin put the baby bed together. And Jason found the best spot when him and little Cameron played hide and seek, lol. My husband and grandson are the best!!!

I am so proud of my little girl. She works so hard for what she wants. Full time college student, work and less than two months from being a mommy. Young and having so many adventures ahead of her.

I am proud of all my children. I love them so much!

We of course enjoyed pizza at the end of the night! Our grandson especially, lol.

So after a five vehicle parade less than 5 minutes away ( Thank you Lord, she’s not too far away ) carrying their stuff up 2 flights of stairs. Kelsie has moved out!

Lord, I pray for their happiness and everything the future holds for them, that they are humble and follow your path. Amen

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