Christmas Tree 🎄

This year we visited the Christmas tree farm for Cameron to pick out our tree. Last year I got rid of my fake tree that I’ve had for years because we thought we may be living in the camper by now. Not happening yet. So real tree it is!

Our grandson, our adult children minus Kirsten and Alex, my sister and niece Zaya joined Jason and I. We had so much fun.

Cameron was our tree picker outer this year and I think he did a wonderful job.

Cameron started cutting it down then Papa and big Cameron finished it off. We put it on the tree dolly and headed back down to have it shaken and wrapped up.

Cameron and Zaya enjoyed the train barrel ride and swings. And we all enjoyed the hot cocoa and cider.

Once home Jason and Justin trimmed up the bottom of the tree and set it inside. Everyone decorated it while we waited on pizza.

Cameron loves putting my nativity scene under the tree each year. Unwrapping it carefully. One that my grandma bought for me and means the world to me.

At last the tree was all lit up and beautiful. Cameron picked his favorite ornament this year, white coca cola polar bear he got last year. He took several pictures of it to show everyone.

Jason and I loved taking our grandson to the Christmas tree farm and believe this will be a new tradition for our family.


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