Journey to Bethlehem ✨

Each year we travel to a small town to the Racine Christian Church to walk an outdoor trail that lets you enjoy a live theatrical experience. It is a 3 night show the first weekend of December each year.

We went Saturday night with our grandson and also took along some of our adult children. This year I realized why I have always went on the first night and not the last. We stood in line outside for about 3 hours. It was good times and the full moon was beautiful.

Once inside the chapel the Church puts on a wonderful show. Different each year. This year the theme was a 1950’s Christmas.

After you enjoy the indoor show your group is led outside to start your journey. The outdoor trail is lit by torches. The first tent you come to you join your family ( other trail goers and your guide ). This year we were the family of Amminadab, from the city of David, of the tribe of Judah.

Your families journey begins from their home in the Galilean hamlet of Nazareth to the distant town of Bethlehem to enroll and be counted in the Roman census, as required by the Roman governor.

Along the trail you stop and visit families homes, warm up by the fire and pet the donkeys and camels. Cameron was scared of the Roman soldiers and held his ticket high when they appeared but loved the donkeys. As you travel along you hear of the news from Angels that the Messiah has been born in Bethlehem.

At the end of the trail your family arrives in Bethlehem and enter the stables where Mary and Joseph are holding their newborn child. Baby Jesus! The joy on Cameron’s face when he saw baby Jesus was worth the long wait.

At the end of your journey you walk back into the Church to enjoy hot cocoa and cookies. The Church baked 30,000 cookies this year. Jason asked and Gracie was curious how they were going to have enough cookies, lol… This Church never disappoints with the wonderful production of the indoor show, the journey outdoors and their friendly welcoming into their Church. All to spread the gospel of the birth of Jesus.

Thank you Racine Christian Church!

” Jesus is the reason for the Season “

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