Tutoring A+

Kindergarten has been wonderful for Cameron so far! He loves his teacher Mrs. Pock and all of his new friends.

I hear a lot about Aiden, Axl, Pierce, Sophie and Bella. Aiden and Cameron play zombies on recess, at least that is what Cameron talks about each day.

He really enjoys fitness and music class, art not so much. But I love it when he brings me home things he makes 🙂

I was worried about Camerons speech when he started kindergarten. He has a tough time with articulation. Sounding out the letters correctly. So far his teacher has been tutoring him 2 days a week for an hour after school. And the difference is amazing. She is such a Blessing. At this point he has not been placed in speech therapy and with his progress may not need to. What a difference a few months makes.

We couldn’t be happier with the progress Cameron and Mrs. Poke have made. He was placed with the perfect teacher for him ❤️

Cameron plays on these big red balls ( we call them the target balls… lol ) the days he has tutoring while Mrs Poke and I discuss his hour of tutoring.

Thank you Lord for a sweet loving kindergarten teacher for our grandson…

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