Grateful… Thankful… Blessed… No matter what is going on in this season of your life, there is always reason for these words.

Today was Thanksgiving, a holiday I enjoy, that I am Thankful for. It brings family together for a wonderful meal, good conversation and laughter.

This year I chose not to entertain at my house. The family this year gathered at my parents new very small home. So I headed over early this morning to help my mom and sister prepare the thanksgiving meal. Of course my mom did most of the prepping the night before, which made it easy peasy.

I love that my mom still wears the matching breast cancer awareness aprons that I got for her, my sister and myself a good 10+ years ago. That year I also got us matching coffee mugs and special pink bibles. Which I still love and use.

My dad took the morning hanging mine and my sisters oil paintings on their new walls. ( first two paintings mine and last posted is Zoe’s )

I use to love to paint! I should get back to it. I have so many tubes of paint and canvases ready for me. One day…

Jason brought our grandson over about an hour early. I guess Cameron couldn’t stop watching the clock since I left. Just waiting to head to great gmas for thanksgiving. He loves playing with his cousins Zanthony and Zaya.

Around 1:00 everyone had arrived and it was time for our thanksgiving feast!

Grateful for the beautiful weather so we could enjoy eating outside on the porch. And my brother in law for gathering the table and chairs. We all missed our Kirsten and Alex in OK. today

We made a stop in to visit our neighbors on the way home. Cameron loved Karla’s red clown nose!

We are Blessed to have the love of family surrounding us every day wether near or far. And cherish the days we have together.

Happy Thanksgiving

” In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. ”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

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