Boston Mountains

Over the years we have traveled through the Boston Mountains in Arkansas several times. It is one of the most beautiful drives especially in the fall.

The first time passing through was on our honeymoon some 15 years ago. I was amazed when we came up to the Bobby Hopper tunnel which goes right through the mountains. I guess because I had never drove through a tunnel before, that and seeing the beautiful mountains surrounding it.

Yesterday we thought we would set out for the mountains and take our grandson on one of our favorite drives and let him see the tunnel. And of course he thought it was so cool.

We took the scenic byway down the old highway. It didn’t disappoint! So beautiful… mountains on each side of us. Cameron was a little freaked out when we were at the top, lol. Especially when I stopped on the side of the road and had him get out and take a selfie with me.

We drove for hours through these beautiful mountains. Stopping to view the damn and the sites.

Also on our drive we came across a small town called Mountainburg. It has a wonderful park with several dinosaur statues for kids to climb on. Of course that was Camerons favorite. He may have been a little scared, they were huge!

It was a beautiful fall day, full of adventure and scenic views. Spending it with two of my favorite guys. My husband and I enjoying memories of times past traveling through the mountains and talking about things to come. And enjoying this drive with our grandson and how we plan on making this drive with future grandchildren.

We ended the day with a trip to Anderson, MO. To visit Jason’s grandparents John and Joyce. It’s always a wonderful visit to their home.

These small road trips I will always cherish. The Boston Mountains is still my favorite scenic drive…

Thank you Lord for days like these!

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