Halloween & Corn Mazes

Oh how my family loves Fall. Who doesn’t! The cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaf colors and watching them blow in the crisp air, pumpkin patches and corn mazes!

This year Cameron and his Papa decorated the front porch and picked our pumpkins 🎃 they did an awesome job! Maybe this can be a new tradition for the two. And Aunt Kelsie lead us through the corn maze amazingly without getting lost.

Halloween has already came and gone! This year Cameron was the red power ranger. I enjoyed his school party and the look on his face while making green slime…

And his classmates wrapping him up like a mummy…

After school we were off to visit his great grandparents and then off to trick or treating! The last couple of years we have joined my sister Zoe’ and her family for what seems like a 5 hour walk through one of the best neighborhoods on Halloween night!

Zanthony and Zaya (niece & nephew) use to be on the go, quick as they could from house to house, but not this year! Cameron left them in the dust, lol… He was always trying to get to the next house before the Z’s had a chance to get candy. Obviously this year he was on a mission for a ton of candy. And boy did he succeed.

I believe next year we are going old school, like we did when are kids were small and hook the trailer up to the truck for a hay ride through the neighborhoods on Halloween night.

Jason and I are looking forward to next Halloween already. By then we will have a new granddaughter about 8 months old to tote around with her mommy and daddy!!!


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