You have my ❤️

15 years ago today I married my best friend. Jason is my life, my world, my true love. We have grown together more than I ever expected. He is by far my better half.

Marriage is work. And of course we have had our ups and downs, that’s life. I do know I wouldn’t change a thing. So many wonderful memories over the last 17 years since our first date. My favorite of course is our wedding. Jason and his Grandpa John built us a beautiful arbor that we were married in out at my parents place. And my family’s tradition of the groom pushing the new bride around in a wheelbarrow. Such a good day that was.

We had never traveled far away together, but wanted to venture out for our honeymoon. Jason’s friend knew our small suv wasn’t travel worthy and handed over his keys to his truck after our ceremony. For that I will always be thankful. So without a plan and never reading a road map before we were off. A hurricane heading to the East coast detoured us South.

New Orleans! Oh how I love that city. Forever will. I remember us being so scared when we turned into the French Quarter down those tight one way roads in our friends huge Dodge dully. Lol… Good times!

Jackson Square, Riverwalk and of course Cafe Du Monde! The best coffee and bignets ever! Then of course Bourbon Street. Now thats a sight to see. After dark that city comes to life. The Jazz and the ghost tours. The history in that city. I look forward to another visit. I say that everytime we leave.

Our walk along the Gulf shores. Jason seeing the jellyfish for the first time. And the shrimp boats. I love seeing the boats.

We have so many wonderful memories over the years and so many to come. I’m ready to travel back to the city I love with the man I love.

So thankful for my husband

Happy Anniversary Love ❤️

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