Where’s my Bible?

So I realized this morning I don’t know where my Bible is. Has it been months since actually opening it up?

The thing is, the Bible app and my Lifes Application Bible on my kindle app are with me 24/7 on my cell. So it occurred to me just now, as I was doing my Bible study, all my notes and everything I have highlighted are all on apps!

Wow! The guilt I feel. Like cheating on my Bible.

One of my many Bibles that one day when I’m gone from this earth will be passed down to my kids. They won’t be able to see my notes, thoughts or highlighted verses on my app. That is the point to leave them my Bibles, that maybe something they go through in life that I had experienced will be highlighted in my Bible with notes to guide them what Gods word helped me through.

So although my Bible apps are wonderful and always just a swipe away, I realized I don’t want to neglect writing notes and highlighting in my Bible. Not just for me but the hope that my kids one day will be happy I did. So as I highlight and take notes on my app I will also restart doing so in my Bible 🙂

Found my Bible in the camper!!!

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