Take me Fishing 🎣 

This past weekend we went down to the river for some trout fishing and camping with the family. Roaring River is my most favorite place to relax and enjoy quality time with my husband and grandson. Jason and I have been enjoying camping here for about 6 years. Although I have been enjoying this part of the river since I was a little girl with my parents and my Uncle Friz. It holds a special place in my heart. 

Our youngest daughter Kelsie has enjoyed many trips down to the river with us in the past but hasn’t been able to join us for the last year because of work and class schedule. But she made it down this past weekend. Oh how I’ve missed her being at the river with us. She is a hoot for sure. And Justin was catching the fish all weekend putting my husband to shame, lol… 

Our oldest son Cameron joined us for the very first time with his sweet girlfriend Gracie also. Gracie really enjoyed the fishing, and had a lot of fun. She was all smiles and laughter even after she fell in the river up to her waist, lol. It happened so fast and I’m still not sure how I captured a photo of it. But I did. 

She was so excited when she caught a fish she somehow backed right into the water. Laughing the entire time. What a sweet soul she is. Not only did she catch a fish but she managed to get our son to come down to the river and stay the weekend. I really like her. 

Cameron enjoyed the fishing also. He didn’t catch a thing but he was there. That’s all that matters to his dad and I. Little Cameron also enjoyed his dad being there and showing him all his favorite things. 

We enjoyed the fish hatchery. Little Cameron loves feeding the fish and searching out the huge trout. Our grandson is quite the little fisherman. He was the one on Sunday morning to not only catch the first fish but the first two fish!!! Oh yeah he was super excited for about 5 minutes then he was done fishing and ready to hit the park…

On our last morning at the river, little Cameron, Kels, Justin and myself enjoyed the trail leading to a lookout above the fish hatchery. A trail Kels and I have hiked many times in the past and still love it. 

Jason, little Cameron and I love spending time at the river as often as we can, but this past weekend was most enjoyable having 2 of our 3 children there. We hope one day our oldest daughter and her husband will join us. And we especially look forward to the arrival of our second grandchild and all the memories we will make at the river. Because the river is the special place we love being with our little Cameron and look forward to all the new memories to come. 

Thank you Lord for the time spent with family




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