The School car pick up line!

Setting in my car waiting in the school car pick up line this afternoon. The wait is crazy but once school is out and the kids start coming out, the line flows smoothly. 

So during my most often 45 minute wait I have the chance to catch up on my emails, texts and phone calls. So the time ends up going pretty quickly. But I am enjoying this time in the afternoon. Just myself in the car, quiet time. I need to remember to grab a book to keep in my car, this would make for great reading time. 

Today somehow I managed to get here just in time to park in the pick up zone. Which means Cameron will be one of the first kids out of school today. Yesterday wasn’t so lucky, I was about half a block away! He is always so excited to see me after school, which makes it all worth it. Our grown children all rode the bus to school which was great but something about this grandson of ours we just pay extra attention to and enjoy the little things as driving him to and from school…

This boys happiness is priceless!

Thank you Lord for grandsons ❤️

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