All Boy…

Yep that’s my living room at the moment…

and this is my family room! 

All this done within just a few short hours of being home after school today. Cameron is focused when it comes to what he wants to play with when he wants. This is just a daily thing in our home. Our 5 year old grandson rules the home. Some days he helps pick up, some days I’m just to exhausted and I leave it till the next day and enjoy reading a book before bedtime to him. Tonight was a leave it till the next day kinda night, lol… 

As I go into his room to check on him before I head to bed it just amazes me how this cute sweet little boy can spread so many toys all over everything. And i giggle because literally 2 months ago I went through his entire room and got rid of so much and yet it still looks like a storm rolled into my home. 

All this mess created by this precious little boy. All Boy! Oh how I love this little guy with all that I am and all his messes I would not change for anything. 

This grandson has his grandmas heart ❤️

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