Take a Walk with Me…

I love to walk… It is so peaceful and relaxing even though at the same time I am getting a work out. 

After i opened my favorite walking app I realized it had been almost a year since I last walked for exercise. Where did the time go? I knew that my time was full with keeping up with our now 5 year old grandson, but didn’t realize I was not keeping up with things I enjoy. Even as simple as a brisk walk. 

Cameron just started kindergarten so I have decided to start walking again after I drop him off at school. There are several nice trails within a short distance of our home. Some that I will walk alone and some that my husband will walk with me. The more secluded ones. 

This morning my husband joined me. He likes the idea of me walking again. I have a surgery coming up in a month and I would like to walk every day before that day gets here. I want to get a jump start on feeling good after my recovery time. So my husband is on board with my walking plan and hopefully he will join me more times than not. 

We walked one of the more secluded trails this time. The wooden bridge over the creek is one of my favorite spots to see as I walk across. I have taken our daughters prom photos on this bridge and my nephew took some great photos of our grandson for his 2nd birthday as well on the bridge. I’m sure there will be more photos taken there of our family. Maybe a family portrait or when our new grandbaby arrives. 

Although we are a bit out of shape and were wore out I still snapped a photo of Jason and I on the bridge as we stopped for a minute. I guess I forgot to mention to him how long the trail was before we started. The look on his face says it all, lol 😂 

I enjoyed this mornings walk with him and he enjoys the peace and quiet and says this is a great stress reliever. And of course the two baby fawns and momma deer we seen on the trail was a beautiful site as well. So hopefully soon my husband will join me on another morning walk. 

Quality time with my husband is all I ever need.

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