The day has come and gone! The first day of kindergarten for Cameron! Yesterday it took a bit to wake him up, but once he was awake enough to realize it was his first school day he was bouncing up with excitement. I took his first day of school photo in front of the fireplace like i have so many times before with our grown children when they were in school. Now it’s time for the grandson photo. 

Of course we had to park quite a ways down the road from the school, the walk was worth it for me. He was ready to go but me not so much. He has been my sidekick since he was one year old. Always together since he moved in. So yesterday was hard for me knowing he is getting older and school days will take up a lot of his time. So he held my hand as we walked even though he said he was a big kid it would be ok this one day, lol. Of course i was snapping photos along the way 🙂 

He loves the target balls in front of his kindergarten. That’s what he calls them. 

Then… I let go of his hand as he walked confidently into his new class room! 

All the desks in his class were in groups of four. Two other kids were there when he got there to his seat. Bella set right next to Cameron and Axl set in front of Bella. Hopefully he learns the name of the other student setting across from him soon. 

His teacher had placed his crayons and school box already in his desk and he was all set to color his first picture from kindergarten. Mrs. Pock came to take a picture with Cameron. 


He was all settled into his new classroom and i hugged and kissed him as i held back the tears and i said see you later. 

Now i was ready to pick him up soon as the day was over. And let me tell you the car pick up line flowed very well but was crazy long. My grown children always took the bus. So this was a new experience for me. And i enjoy it. So now today I thought I’d journal about his first day of kindergarten 8-17-2017 as I set patiently waiting in the car pick up line. It’s my new hang out twice a day, lol 😉

Thank you Lord for the big smile I get to see  when I pick up my grandson each day from kindergarten ❤️

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