Oh Baby!

I am so excited… February will bring grandbaby number 2! I have figured out in life that being a grandma is my favorite thing. They bring so much joy, love and happiness into the family. 

Our little Cameron is thrilled to be a big cousin. Although his opinion of the baby being a boy is much better than if it’s a girl. Lol…. He says he will share his room in the camper with a boy, but not a girl. I’m sure when grandbaby number 2 arrives they will be best friends, even if baby is a girl. 

A baby is a Blessing from God, a miracle. God has a plan for us all. And when a baby is announced, that too is Gods plan. 

I was young when I had my first child, but I overcome it all. A baby changes everything for the good in your life. You grow as a better person when you grasp what God has given you. 

So this family is so excited to soon be getting another grandbaby. Papa and I are hoping for a granddaughter to love and spoil and little Cameron is hoping for a baby boy cousin to play and get dirty with! Lol… only time will tell. God knows the perfect baby our daughter needs and we look forwarding to meeting in February ❤️

Babies are a precious gift from God

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