Summer Days!

I can’t believe summer is already half over! And it has been a hot one… So many days the temps have topped 100 degrees and the forcast says we still have more hot days to come. We have gotten pretty wet this summer to keep cool. 

We have enjoyed several camping trips. Paradise Valley has a great pool we all love to soak in. Cameron this year has done great in the kiddy pool with no floaties on. I’m sure next year he will be swimming like a fish. 

We have taken Cameron to silver dollar city a few times and we have been loving it. The heat has been miserable so we got really wet this last trip. We got to enjoy the train ride and grandfathers mansion.

Cameron loves looking in all the little holes hidden all over and the tree house adventures with the trampoline walk and ball pitts and tunnel crawls. He was smiles all day. We had so much fun on the water rides, too bad I couldn’t take photos while on them, but we got soaked! We will be sure to go again before school starts. 

Cameron always loves going to the firemans landing area. They have smaller rides and a splash pad. This time he got to meet Spot the fire dog!

It was a great day at silver dollar city! We all laughed so much. Of course having a grandson like ours we are always busting up about something!!! 

So for today we are keeping cool and planning another camping and silver dollar city trip. Kindergarten starts in 25 days!!!! We will enjoy the rest of summer 🙂 

Enjoy the daily Blessings the Lord has given…

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