Fourth of July 

Oh this day brings me joy for many reasons. But my personal favorite other than spending day with my family is my parents crab boil! A crab boil! Yum! I love seafood. I could possibly eat it every day. But there is a slight problem with that, my husband who believe it or not i love more than seafood is highly allergic to shellfish. So it’s not cooked at our house. But also for that reason i believe is why i look forward to mom and dad’s crab boil each year. 

This year i did the grocery shopping with my mom. Thanks Zoe’ for that! She needs to compare the prices for every store and then drive to them all! Truly though my mom is a lot of fun to shop with. But this year i got my way and we paid a little more per pound for king crab legs that were huge. So worth it. I know my sister loved them! My mom cooks the potatoes and corn separate for my husband and my brother in law boils the crab legs, sausage and shrimp all together. Then it is tossed out on the table. It may be the only time when were all together actually setting right at the table eating for a long period of time, lol. 

Another reason i enjoy this day is the homemade ice cream! This year mom made a chocolate recipe, and it was delicious! Dad believes in the hand turning ice cream maker. No electric mixer for this family. He enjoys us all participating in the turning and helping with making it. We all take a turn in the beginning when it’s easy, the kids love it. But now a days it’s my brother in law that finishes it up 🙂 

Don’t forget the Watermelon 🍉 our grandson’s favorite! I really think he ate half of it. Everytime i turned around he was heading to the table for more. It’s easiest just to spray him down with a hose after that. He is always covered in watermelon juice head to toe! 

Now the kids can hardly wait for it to get dark. And somehow knowing this every year you would think we would buy more daytime fireworks. Nope! We always forget and run out quickly. Maybe we will remember next year, but I already know i will forget. Soon as the sun starts to set the sparklers are getting lit up. This is what really starts the 4th of July celebration for the kids. 

By this time of night we are all ready to set and enjoy the fireworks. My dad and husband sorting everything out and my brother in law running back and forth lighting them all up for us. Man Chris has been a busy bee all day! Cooking, ice cream making and now firework starter! And we we’re all grateful. This year was a great show! 

Enjoying the food and fireworks, relaxing with my husband, chatting with our family and watching all the kids have a blast on this day is the best. I am thankful for our countries founding fathers, past and present military veterans that keep us safe and give us a reason to celebrate our freedom each year. We live in a great country 🇺🇸 

Thank you God for it all… 

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