A Fire, A Bear, A Storm & A Picnic!

My very best friend Eileen and her family have been through quite a lot in just one week. They live in a small township in Pennsylvania. Her in laws live just a few doors down from them.

Fire…. Rhonda and Larry, Chris’s parents left for work in the morning just to be called home a couple hours later with the news of their home being on fire. Their home for over 25 years up in smoke. They lost all their beloved pets and the house was a total loss. For now they are staying with Eileen and Chis and their children until they figure out their next plan. So many photos and cherished items gone. Their granddaughter also lived with them and lost everything. So thankful they were ok and they have many wonderful memories of the life that was lived in that home.

Bear…. A day or two after the fire Eileen’s son Justin hollers to her that their is a bear crossing the street into their neighbors yard. A big black bear. Now Eileen lives on the edge of a beautiful national forest. She has views of mountains, trees and a creek all around her. But still a large black bear crossing the road and wondering through her neighbors yard back into the woods is quite a site to see. Oh my!

Storm…. Fathers Day of all days and the end of a crazy week a big storm rolls through Eileen’s little town. 3 huge pine trees uprooted and fell just in her yard and so much more throughout her neighborhood. She said the whole town smells of pine and everyone is without power. One tree was 10 foot away from crushing her house. One landed on her sons 3 wheeler and barley missed the swimming pool. And the third one took out all her lawn furniture and fire pit. So now they have a yard to clean up on top of the house fire.

Picnic…. Eileen and her entire family have been through a heck of a week but still their spirit is strong! With family & friends they enjoy a fathers day picnic surrounded by the beautiful forest that they call home.

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful strong spirited best friend that keeps it together during the worst of days. And bless the entire family with hope, love and happiness in the days ahead. Amen!

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