Texas has a piece of my heart, even if it’s just for a little while. It is going on almost a year and a half now that our oldest daughter and her husband moved to Amarillo Texas. 490 miles between us. 

Her job brought her here. She loves her job. Texas just isn’t the right fit for her. Her dad and I pray her next move will be closer to home, but at the same time we pray that God places her where she will be the happiest. Even if it means Boston. No matter where she goes we will visit. 

We are in Amarillo this morning about ready to head home. She will be traveling home with us today to spend the week at home with her family and best friend. Our youngest daughter graduates on Friday from high school. Our first stop this morning will be the airport to drop her car off for her husband who will be flying in from spending time with his family in Chicago. His sister also had a graduation. He will travel to meet up with us end of week. 

My husband and I have enjoyed Texas. We enjoy our visits to Amarillo. The big texan steakhouse, cadillac ranch, quarter horse museum and today on our way out of town we will visit the rv museum. We enjoy travel and would love to be able to do more of it. 

So for now Texas holds a piece of my heart till the fall, when Kirsten will make another move. 

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