Preschool Graduation 🎓

 It has come and gone, just like that. I sware it was just yesterday I enrolled Cameron into the Plaid Giraffe Preschool when he was just 3. Now his second year has ended. 

The graduation ceremony was wonderful. All the pre kindergarten kids dressed in little caps and gowns. So adorable. Standing on stage singing a few of their songs they had learned over the last two years. 

His teacher had mentioned to me earlier in the week he was having a problem standing still on stage. As it was for a lot of the children. But he was great and so were all the kids. How those teachers were able to put on such a wonderful graduation ceremony of 4 and 5 year olds was amazing. They all worked so hard. 

They were called one by one down off the stage. Their teacher said their name, announced which school they will be attending and then what they wanted to be when they grew up. Our Cameron wants to be a shoe salesman! Lol… Oh we laughed, out of all the things he could of said. A fireman like his daddy or construction worker like his papa! Nope it was what Aunt Kelsie and Aunt Kirsten do. Shoe salesman. It was great! He was then presented with a preschool diploma and a new Bible. Watching Cameron carrying his big Bible to his seat was so precious. 

We took pictures with all his family that came to see him and then went to the party they put on for the kids. Each child had a cupcake with their photo on it and a gift. It was a wonderful night. Cameron loved his preschool and will miss it. Miss Carrie and her preschool will forever be in our hearts.  

Thank you Lord for that season in our lives…

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