Serge Something!

Today my mom gave me my grandmothers serger sewing machine. I am so excited to have it. Oh the memories are just flowing of her today.

Grandma had a drapery shop “Draperies By Lorene” when I was young. She made custom curtains and reupholstered furniture. Just the other day I was telling my husband when I was a little girl my grandma had me using the button machine and it was my job to cover the buttons in fabric. As I got older she gave me new jobs such as cutting the fabric or folding the finished curtains. I loved tapping the button nails on the furniture. Eventually I got to work the counter, take orders and help deliver and hang the draperies. So so so many wonderful memories.

I remember how amazing it was watching her use the serger. It stiched and cut the edge off the fabric all at the same time. Soon as she taught me to use it all I wanted to do was serge all the fabric. Over the years I have thought of buying one but never did. There is a reason for everything. It was meant for me to one day have her serger. I can never thank my mom enough for passing it down to me.

One day when I have granddaughters I hope to teach them how to use my grandmas serger and share with them my memories of her.

My heart is bursting from the seams with happiness!


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