City Farmer’s

Out at the new farm today, my husband was brush hogging some very tall weeds. They were blocking my mother in laws view of our pond. It is a beautiful site looking out her dining room windows. She enjoys watching the ducks.

As I set on top of the root cellar with my grandson I giggled at the thought of the two of us city people working all this land. It is an adventure for us both thats for sure. Already today we had a bit of a hiccup trying to put the brush hog on the tractor. He is a little rough and no patience, I have a softer touch with patience. So I prayed for the Lords help and I finally got it on there. The two of us together did it. Were a team. My favorite team. Always will be as long as our Lord guides us.

Almost 14 acres we will one day live on compared to the half acre city lot we own now. The day can not get here soon enough. It is so peaceful and quiet out in the country. So we shall see what is in store for us tomorrow and hope one day we will be country farmers.

“Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.” Psalms 37:3

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