Spring Flood

IMG_9144.JPG       Last weekend we decided on traveling to the river with our camper. Our favorite spot these days. We left late Thursday afternoon. We knew it had a chance of rain part of the weekend. But nothing more relaxing than being in your camper down by the river when it’s raining. We stopped at the local pizza place for carry out before heading down the hill out of town. Set our camper up, enjoy pizza and a relaxing evening with our grandson.

With it just starting to sprinkle early Friday morning we headed to the little cafe at out campground. Cameron loves the Mickey Mouse pancakes. I believe I have mentioned that before. We enjoyed our meal and the conversation with the other campers. It was suggested we might want to move our camper to higher ground, just in case the rain doesn’t stop. So after breakfast we moved our camper on up to higher ground. Throughout that day it rained off and on. We did some fishing. That didn’t last too long for Cameron. If he isn’t catching anything he is off and onto better things pretty quickly.

By the afternoon it was a downpour! All afternoon and into the evening. I fixed dinner in our camper and we settled in with a movie. Jason and I woke around 3am, the lightening and thunderstorm was crazy loud. The rain was still a heavy downpour. I remember telling Jason I hear something like running water. A little before 4am the park ranger knocked on our camper door to let us know the river was rising and the roads were flooding in the campground. But thankfully our camper was up high enough. He wanted us aware of the situation. The sound was rushing water I had been hearing. It was such a fierce but at the same time calming sound. Jason and a few of the other campers walked around observing the rising waters throughout the campground. Within a few hours the water was back down. The river never crested.

Saturday morning we went into town for a bit then headed back to the camp site before the rain started again. That wasn’t long! Before lunch time the rain blew in and didn’t stop. The waters were rushing again, this time the river crested. All the low roads and  bridges were flooded. Almost our entire campground was flooded, all but a small area high enough where everyone’s campers were. Late that afternoon when the rain slowed we went for a walk with our umbrellas, amazed at all the water. The water was coming down from the mountains to the west and south and the river on the east side. Truly amazing how quickly water can rise. Also very scary how quickly you can get trapped in. And we did for a little while. Everyone in our campground was safe.

Sunday we walked through the park and  back to the fish hatchery to see the mess the flood waters had caused.

What an adventure we had. Memories forever of the Spring flood in March of 2017.

“and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew” Matthew 7:25


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